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State of the Art - Wissenschaftsmanagement für Institute, Hochschulen und Forschung

Wissenschaftsmanagement special Ausgabe 2/2013

Leading the Third Generation University


Jahrgang 2010
Ausgabe 5/2010
Johan G. Wissema

Theorie: Hochschulen der dritten Generation managen

Leading the Third Generation University

Towards a comprehensive management theory of the 3GU

“A difficult job – but someone has to do it.” The title of a recent newspaper article (Bradshaw, 2010) will sound familiar to university leaders. “Allconsuming, tiring and demanding – no wonder so few people want to take on the role of dean of a business school”, the article continues. The attitude of a dean at a technical university in Indonesia also sounds familiar. He welcomed us to his office, but then demonstrated how he could escape to his lab via a backdoor. “I go there as soon as I can slip out of here”, he said. Apparently, university management is a difficult job. The time is ripe for a new model for universities: the Third Generation University or 3GU for short. This article focus on three aspects of the 3GU management: organisational structure, marketing and human resource management.