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Wissenschaftsmanagement special Ausgabe 2/2013

Moving into Mass Customization


Jahrgang 2006
Ausgabe 2/2006
Claus Rautenstrauch/Ralph Seelmann-Eggebert/Klaus Turowski (Eds.)

Moving into Mass Customization

Information Systems and Management Principles

2002. VIII, 252 p. 79 illus. Softcover, 64,95 Euro
Springer/Berlin, ISBN 3-540-43611-1

Mass Customization leads the strategy of today´s well succeeded companies. It indulges the customer with the so long yearned for product and/or service that exactly fits his desires and specifications. This book compiles a hand-selected variety of testimonies from Mass Customization experts worldwide with different experiences both on an academic research basis as well as on practical case studies. This diversity makes it a compulsory guide to use in any enterprise throughout the world that wants to take its business into new and more ambitious dimensions. Furthermore, its contents are structured in a way that will help everyone that wants to learn, teach or put into practice the concepts of Mass Customization.